Bigfoot and relatives

Facts about Bigfoot

How do people like Matt Moneymaker from Finding Bigfoot come up with so-called “facts” about Bigfoot when we’ve never caught one to be sure?

This piece highlights an exchange with Moneymaker about how he knows these things. Turns out, he doesn’t know how he knows. He just KNOWS. That is not good a good enough reason to accept speculative ideas. For the extraordinary claim that Bigfoot exists, we need a foundation it that includes good evidence and an explanation of how and why it exists that fits into what we already accept to be true about nature. 

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I came across a website that provided “Bigfoot Facts” for kids. The site didn’t say from where these facts were derived but they were commonly circulated in various books and all over the web.

Here are some typical “facts”:

  • Bigfoot has been spotted all over the world, often in wooded and mountainous areas.
  • Bigfoot is an omnivore, eating plants, nuts, berries, fish, deer, and other animals.
  • Bigfoot is shy. He just likes to be around others of his own kind but not around people.
  • Since Bigfoot doesn’t want to be noticed or photographed, he is hard to spot and difficult to capture on film.
  • He is curious, aware of people, and can stealthily avoid them.
  • Bigfoots talk to each other by making loud howls across long distances or by wood knocking.
  • Bigfoot throws rocks at people to scare them away. He isn’t mean, just territorial.

How do they know these things?

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By Sharon Hill,  April 25, 2012