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The International Cryptozoology Society announcement

On the last day, Coleman opened with the announcement of the formation of the International Cryptozoology Society (ICS) to be headed by Dr. LeBlond as the President and an advisory panel. Details on the new society to be run by Coleman and another museum director are not yet available but the ICS is intended to be the long-hoped for resurrection of the principles of scientific study followed by the defunct International Society of Cryptozoology (ISC). The ISC met a messy end in 1998 that left existing and prospective members (such as myself) in the dark for years, hoping the society would come back, until it was clear that it was truly gone along with its remaining founder, Dr. Roy Mackal. It does not appear that remnants of the old ISC will be continued but this will be a fresh start.

Source: Inaugural cryptozoology conference held – New society to be formed | Doubtful News