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Building a Cryptozoology Annotated Bibliography

What crypto-themed books are worth reading, worth keeping, or not worth the paper they are written on? Want to build your library from scratch or see which gems you are missing? Want to know if a classic is available to buy or download in e-book formats?

I am building an annotated guide to cryptozoology books to allow you to find out all of those things, but I need your help.

Write up a short entry on a book of your choice (duplicate reviews will be included) following the guidelines on this page for content of the short review that will be of use to the entire cryptozoology community.

Authors are encouraged to respond to any reviews but NOT to write them. (Comments will be moderated for appropriateness).

Have a question? Drop me a line in the comments below.

Let’s crowd source the heck out of this project to provide a catalog of crypto literature. Now get to your bookshelf and start critiquing!