Annotated Bibliography

Bigfoot – J. Napier

napierBigfoot: The Yeti and Sasquatch in Myth and Reality
John Russell Napier
1972, Jonathan Cape Ltd
1973, E P Dutton
1974, Berkeley Medallion
240 pp.

By eminent primatologist John Napier, this remains the best single volume ever written on the subject. It includes Asian as well as North American cases. Napier concluded that the yeti was a myth but sasquatch was probably real.
-Matt Bille

A scientist’s view of the history and evidence of Yeti and Sasquatch that makes for a great read. Provides wide-ranging expert insight on the introduction of the Yeti to the public and to the scientific community. The public was enthralled with the idea. Napier explains why scientists and monster seekers most often clashed. The legends certainly exist, there is plenty of cultural evidence and unreliable eyewitness accounts (the “lifeblood of the Bigfoot phenomenon”), but there is not reliable physical evidence for a natural animal of this kind. Napier is squarely on the fence about the reality of undiscovered ape-like creatures. In the communities of people who live with these stories, legend and truth are blended and so Napier includes much rich and fascinating myth and folklore, some of which is still talked of in today’s Bigfoot folklore (such as plaiting of horses’ manes). It’s essential as an academic’s easily readable view of expeditions to search for the Yeti. Monsters are big business in the media and in tourism. They are also, he argues, intuitive for people to believe in, both inborn and learned. This volume was common for school library collections, pick this must-have book up used cheap.
-Sharon Hill


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