Annotated Bibliography

Loch Ness Monster (The) – T. Dinsdale

The Loch Ness Monster
Tim Dinsdale
1961, 1976, 1982, Routledge & Kegan Paul
1973, Target Books, paperback

Considered a classic in cryptozoological literature, it was written as a personal account of research on the Loch by Tim Dinsdale. Used copies of the various editions are widely available. This was a common library holding. This book is both interesting in details and a sad story of someone swept up in a belief. Probably too swept up. Dinsdale, an engineer, has a literal way of thinking. He uncritically takes eyewitness stories at face value, extracting facts that may not have been factual and carefully computing things from these “facts”. We end up with neatly arranged nonsense. He believes, then seeks confirming evidence, and did not give up his belief for anything. This book is worth a read as a lesson for what not to do – Do not jump with both feet into a dream that you will be the one to uncover the truth. From a perspective many decades later, this book did not help us get any closer to Nessie, just those obsessed with the mystery.
-Sharon Hill


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