Annotated Bibliography

Shadows of Existence – M. Bille

Shadows of Existence: Discoveries and Speculations in Zoology
Matthew A. Bille
2006, Hancock House
317 pp.

The book is a series of short essays organized into four sections: New creatures, In the Shadow of Extinction, Classic Mystery Animals, and Miscellanea. Much good information treated in an even-handed and fair manner. Published in 2006, it’s slightly out of date with topics such as Bigfoot, but the majority of info is still worthwhile for the cryptozoological-minded and far better written than the majority of crypto books – sound and solid. Author is knowledgeable and realistic, takes evidence into account and, yet, is hopeful that new, amazing discoveries are out there. Shadows is well-researched. Add it to your reference library. Available in paperback. Great for middle readers and adults interested in animals of all kinds.
-Sharon Hill


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