Annotated Bibliography

Tracking the Chupacabra – B. Radford

trackingTracking the Chupacabra: The Vampire Beast in Fact, Fiction, and Folklore
Benjamin Radford
2011, University of New Mexico Press
202 pp.

A unique, comprehensive and must have look a very “pop culture” monster – full of original material, good scholarship and references. It’s an excellent map of how to do a thorough investigation into a mystery and SOLVE it. Question and go under the surface and pick it apart – even if that means trekking into the jungles of Latin America. Content includes info about: vampires and other blood-eating animals; folklore, mass hysteria, cultural influences and socioeconomic factors; sarcoptic mange disease and canid genetics; how animals die and what happens during decomposition; eyewitness problems and a warning against unsupported assumptions. Also includes examination of a frozen severed animal head. Tracking the Chupacabra is only for those willing to give up their current favorite chupacabra origin story for a more legitimate one. Not expensive, readily available in paperback, used and Kindle, good reading.
-Sharon Hill


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