Annotated Bibliography

Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies (A) – G. Eberhart

A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies
George Eberhart
1980, Greenwood

This book is out of print but copies are not too difficult to find (if a bit expensive). The focus is on general Forteana rather than cryptozoology per se, although it contains a good number of cryptozoology-related material. It is invaluable for research purposes – while the book consists of entries on various phenomena and the individual sightings aren’t detailed much more than “this happened” (so no skeptic/believer view of cases, just the bare facts, really almost more of a database format), it points towards the primary, original sources for each story, often newspaper or magazine articles, and not later embellishments. The book is over 1100 pages long, and covers the US, Canada, and Greenland — because of the rather minimalistic format, there is a huge number of phenomena covered. It’s probably of little interest to anyone who’s not a dedicated researcher.
-Andrew Gable


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