Annotated Bibliography

Boss Snakes – C. Arment

boss snakesBoss Snakes: Stories and Sightings of Giant Snakes in North America
Chad Arment
2008, Coachwhip Publications
392 pp

This book is a compilation of hundreds of stories from old newspapers, in this case about giant snake sightings. These sightings generally range from the true flaps in which something undoubtedly was there, be it an unknown or a known (i.e. the Peninsula Python of 1940s Ohio) to more folkloric “old-timers say” sorts of stories.  Some of what were referred to as “giant” snakes in the past are simply large specimens of their species, while some reported are ludicrously large.  I find it interesting to see folkloric similarities between sightings, etc.  It helpfully reproduces the article rather than giving a citation.  It’s likely going to see use by both skeptics and believers as Arment generally keeps opinion out of it.
-Andrew D. Gable

Editors Note: Readily available volume


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