Annotated Bibliography

Mothman: Facts Behind the Legend – Sergent & Wamsley

wamsleyMothman:Facts Behind the Legend
Donnie Sergent Jr. and Jeff Wamsley
2001, Mark S. Phillips Publishing
176 pp.

A collection of original information and images taken directly from the eyewitnesses and news clippings focusing on the story delivered by Linda Scarbury. Her interview citing many Christian references which suggests a religious overtone to this tale. A UFO flap occurred a few years after the main Mothman event and prior to the bridge collapse. There is little mention of the bridge collapse in this book. John Keel fueled paranoia through his contact with the eyewitnesses. He communicated personally with them frequently. He appears to have concocted the story that there were “Men In Black” after the eyewitnesses and their children which blew the story way out of proportion. The obvious explanation is that the young witnesses saw something under frightening circumstances then knit together a string of probably unrelated events interpreting them into a sinister, mysterious narrative. Authors are locals who can be considered the experts on Mothman. This book is easily available and suitable for all readers.
-Sharon Hill


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