Annotated Bibliography

Rumors of Existence – M. Bille

rumrosRumors of Existence: Newly Discovered, Supposedly Extinct, and Unconfirmed Inhabitants of the Animal Kingdom
Matt A. Bille
1995, Hancock House Pub
192 pp

Straight up, easily understandable information about animal knowledge. Animals can be known via 3 ways: 1. Discovery of new specimen – live or dead which may or may not be locally known; 2. Discovery of part of an animal (horns, scales, teeth, skin) that is diagnostic of a new species which may or may not be locally known; 3. Rumors of an unidentified animal based on scant, nondiagnostic traces and eyewitness description only. Locally known. Most specimens come to light via #1. Or, if preceded by 2 or 3, are found eventually. An animal can not be officially recognized under #3. #2 gives us more to go on, but #1 is the only definitive means. Rumors surveys the most recent discoveries (circa 1995), the possible-extinction cases, and the better-documented mystery animals in one compact package. Recommended for those a step above “newbie” in cryptozoology. Easy to find and a solid sourcebook.
-Sharon Hil


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