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Champ Quest – D. Hall

51KA2J9TR4L._SX273_BO1,204,203,200_Champ Quest
Dennis Jay Hall
1999, Essence of Vermont
90 pp

Unusual collection of sighting reports, speculation, notes pages, and calendars of the best days to look for “Champ” (it depends on the phases of the moon). Hall’s claims of spectacular close-up sightings of a type reported by no one else are bound to raise skeptical eyebrows.
-Matt Bille

This book is out of print and generally unavailable. A reboot, Champ Quest 2000 was subtitled “The Ultimate Search Field Guide & Almanac for Lake Champlain”. It is also generally unavailable. If you can find either one, they might be collectors items. Champ itself has STILL not been found.
-Sharon Hill


One thought on “Champ Quest – D. Hall

  1. I have been an investigator of the Lake Champlain “mystery’ since 1992, so I feel qualified to speak on the subject. In the last 22 years, only once have I seen anything unusual that MIGHT conceivably have been a strange animal of some sort. Joe Zarzynski spent 18 years looking and only saw something strange one time himself. Most “Champ” eyewitnesses only claim one sighting (rarely two). Mr. Hall’s alleged multiple encounters (without any convincing corroborating evidence to show for it) must surely raise all sorts of red flags. While he has done a good job of cataloging the sightings of other, seemingly sincere witnesses, his own claims and theories would appear to discredit rather than enhance the validity of the mystery. His alleged “baby champ” specimen was highly likely a mudpuppy salamander. Read this book for the historical accounts and sightings of others. Take the rest with a heaping tablespoon of salt.


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