Annotated Bibliography

Monster, Monster – B. Garner

monster monsterMonster, Monster: A Survey of North American Monster Scene
Betty S. Garner
1995, Hancock House Pub Ltd

Aimed toward children which is a travesty as the author commits many factual mistakes and makes stories sound dramatic and convincing but without basis in evidence. Uses the misappropriated and fallacious excuse that “science doesn’t know everything” to suggest a stronger basis for the fantastic animals she describes. There is a confused tone that both values science and is disparaging of it. The few good stories given have no references to see if they are legitimate, so the reader can’t follow up. Mistakes are egregious, for example, she quotes the Tombstone Epitaph in relation to the infamous pterodactyl photo that this publication never printed. She also states that “Nessie was officially recognized by science” with the Dinsdale film and that Whitey (the White River Monster) was a “truly gigantic penguin”. No, indeed neither is true and, as such, are misleading. Many of her conclusions are wishful thinking, more fiction than fact. The author seems to have rewritten popular accounts leaving all the hearsay uncritically represented. Not recommended at all. Awful stuff.
-Sharon Hill


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