Annotated Bibliography

Monsters – G.M. Eberhart

Monsters: A Guide to Information on Unaccounted for Creatures, Including Bigfoot, Many Water Monsters, and other Irregular Animals
George M. Eberhart
1983, Garland

This is a bibliography limited to monsters which apparently are or were living animals uncaught and uncatalogued by scientists. Eberhart was a librarian – this book reflects that. It has a short intro and a long bibliography with recommended sources for each subtopic – living dinosaurs, giant snakes, humanoids, sea monsters, even black dogs. The sources referenced may be about animal lore and legend, travel literature, or mythical tales. The book is an excellent starting point for obtaining references beyond a beginner though it is out of date. It remains useful for finding obscure older references and to note when a certain topic reached its initial popularity. The current high price for a used copy is a tribute to the value of the work that went into it. It is nearly impossible to find, perhaps available only in a library reference section. It would be a dream if it were updated but it would be massive.
-Sharon Hill


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