Annotated Bibliography

Science Looks at Mysterious Monsters – T. Aylesworth

mys monsScience Looks at Mysterious Monsters
Thomas Aylesworth
1982, Julian Messner

Refers to “monsters” such as Bigfoot, yeti, abominable snowman, Windigo, sea serpents, lake monsters. The title is misleading as it is not at all scientific. The author might well have defined “science” as he intended to use it because he’s gotten it very wrong. This book, written for a 6th grade reading level is shelved in juvenile lit and really should be removed and trashed. It’s not worth the paper and space it takes up. Loaded with errors, but no scientific arguments to be seen. The author uses explanations on par with urban legends. There are no references. Terms are used incorrectly, such as referring to “sea dinosaurs” as possibly still living. It’s utterly dreadful. You may find it in libraries and as used copies for a penny. It does more harm than good.


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