Annotated Bibliography

Varmints – C. Arment

varmintsVarmints: Mystery Carnivores of North America
Chad Arment
2010, Coachwhip Publishing
686 pp

This is a huge compilation (much larger than either The Historical Bigfoot or Boss Snakes) of stories from old newspapers and hunting magazines describing mystery predators.  Many are large cats of various stripes, though the sightings also detail doglike creatures and sometimes even odder things.  An extremely helpful section in the front lists the various carnivorous mammals native to North America, their range, habits, etc.) and an appendix to the book also details the kill patterns of various carnivores – thus this book, moreso than others, may be useful to investigators of these sightings and encounters.  Once again, it helpfully reproduces the article rather than giving a citation.  It’s likely to see use by both skeptics and believers as Arment generally keeps opinion out of it.
-Andrew D. Gable


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