Annotated Bibliography

Bigfoot, Yeti and the Last Neanderthal – B. Sykes

bigfoot sykesBigfoot, Yeti and the Last Neanderthal: A geneticist’s search for modern apemen
Bryan Sykes
2016, Disinformation Books (U.S)

The Nature of the Beast: The First Genetic Evidence on the Survival of Apemen, Yeti, Bigfoot and Other Mysterious Creatures into Modern Times
2015, Coronet (U.K.)
nature beast

This book was published under both titles; it appears to be the same text for both. It is an enjoyable read and reveals interesting tidbits as well as showing us some rather personal insights and new facts from the Oxford genetics professor who attempted to bring credibility to the study of hairy hominids. Sykes meets many of the eccentric characters in the world of Yeti-Bigfoot research. While he is not well-versed in the amateur subculture, that results in a book that is revealing about the search itself. However, Sykes loses scientific objectivity and at times is way out of his element. The volume would have benefited from insight by experts in other fields such as wildlife biology, anthropology and zoology. Some of the so called “facts” stated are questionable, references are not always supplied. But this still is an important book that reflects ongoing changes in modern cryptozoology while touching back to the days of Heuvelmans, Sanderson and Slick. Extended review here.
-Sharon Hill


One thought on “Bigfoot, Yeti and the Last Neanderthal – B. Sykes

  1. Some time I been wanting to ask this question to any Bigfoot Hunter out there. If you had the evidence to proof the Bigfoot to be real, knowing human history and nature, would you be condemning the creature to extinction?


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