Annotated Bibliography

Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence – G. Krantz

bs_krantzBigfoot Sasquatch Evidence
Grover Krantz
1999, Hancock House.

Previously published as:

Big Footprints: A scientific inquiry into the reality of Sasquatch
1992, Johnson Books

Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence is the revised and updated version of the author’s Big Footprints where Krantz sifted through Sasquatch reports and tried to deduce the animal’s lifestyle and characteristics based on what he considered the most reliable information. It’s a good effort, although necessarily speculative. Krantz weakened his argument by accepting partial evidence in two cases where some faking was involved, but this is still an important work on the subject. Krantz vigorously defends the reality of the Patterson-Gimlin film and some of the trackways he’s examined. Krantz is more cautious than some cryptozoologists when discussing worldwide reports of such creatures: he sees no reason to accept the yeti or to assume there’s more than one species of unknown primate. Krantz added changes at the back of the book instead of rewriting the text, which makes the book a little hard to follow. It’s still worth reading, though, as it summarizes the best arguments on the pro-sasquatch side.
-Matt Bille


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