Annotated Bibliography

Bigfoot Book (The) – N. Redfern

bfbookThe Bigfoot Book: The Encyclopedia of Sasquatch, Yeti and Cryptid Primates
Nick Redfern
2015, Visible Ink Press
400 pp

This is a collection of small articles on topics related to the Bigfoot phenomenon – an “encyclopedia” (though not comprehensive by any means) written in an easy reading style. Includes articles on movies, books, scientific reports and documents, historical references, press releases, and more from all over the world. Falls short of reliability because of content drawn heavily from dubious Internet sites or copied quotes from other sources without critical analysis to speak of. References are missing at the end of each entry, hidden in a “further reading” section in the back. Redfern tells stories at face value, sometimes very far removed from primary sources,  so this book is full of speculation and faulty logic to talk up the idea of a supernatural Bigfoot. A fun jaunt through lesser-known Bigfoot yarns and interpretations, the book remains suitable for the Bigfoot enthusiast and teen readers provided that they have some critical thinking skills to apply and do not take seriously about half the stories in it.
-Sharon Hill


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