Recommended Reading

Building your library of cryptozoology? There are a ton of books out there – good and bad – for beginner,  intermediate, and advanced enthusiasts of this topic. Under construction for this site is a self-learning guide to exploring cryptozoology.

We are currently building an annotated bibliography of (nonfiction) books on this subject. Browse the current collection of posts here:

Annotated Bibliography

All are welcome to submit nonfiction book entries that you feel should be included or avoided. Comments or additions from others will also be accepted. Entries should be thoughtful and informed, ideally between 100-500 words. Send entries to with the subject line “Crypto books”.  Full writing credit will be provided. This is a not-for-profit, educational project. 

Each entry should include the following:

  • Title, year, availability
  • Summary of content
  • Influence or impact
  • Focus (zoology, speculation, folklore, etc.) and topic (specific or general, Bigfoot, lake monsters, etc.)
  • Descriptors (quality of writing, sources, critical attitude, scholarly or amateur, originality of content)
  • Level (reading and interest level – beginner, intermediate, expert, esoteric)

Here is the current list and status of entries and their direct links in Google spreadsheets. Go ahead and comment on those published and send in your entries to those in draft, to be added, or ones you think I should add. This is a community project; I need your help. Thanks!

If you can’t see the table above, here is the Direct LINK